mandag, desember 15, 2008

I believe though I do not comprehend, and I hold by faith what I cannot grasp with the mind. --Saint Bernard

For those with faith, no explanation is necessary. For those without, no explanation is possible. –Thomas Aquinas

Father in Heaven! When the thought of thee wakes in our hearts let it not awaken like a frightened bird that flies about in dismay, but like a child waking from its sleep with a heavenly smile. –Kierkegaard

At any rate, I am convinced that He [God] does not play dice. --Albert Einstein

For however devoted you are to (God), you may be sure that he is immeasurably more devoted to you. --Meister Eckhart

Pray, and let God worry. -- Martin Luther

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Anonym sa...

Konge sitater! SÅ kjekt å ha deg her i helja! Kom gjerne igjen=) KLEM

Anonym sa...

fantastiske sitater!

velkommen tilbake, kjære du.